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Freelance Work


Freelance Work

Here is just a series of samples of the kind of freelance work I do. I have only recently started blogging and writing articles online, but I am hoping to grow my portfolio as I gain experience. I also write fiction, freelance, on request. Please see the Reviews page for feedback.


The Mighty

I hope to have more stories on here later on, it's such a powerful resource for anyone with mental health issues or chronic pain; or their families who want to understand more about their loved ones' condition.
5 Sites to Try When You're Too Cynical For Mindfulness
How I Learned To Love Failure and Beat BPD at its Own Game
Never Underestimate The Power of the Doodle
What Depression Actually Looks Like



I have had a lot of fun stretching my wings at this publication. Currently, I am working through several articles on phobias, but hope to move on to write about other aspects of language and psychology. This has given me invaluable experience that I hope to take further with me on my journey as a freelancer.
Achluophobia - Fear of the Dark 
Ailurophobia - Fear of Cats
Cynophobia - Fear of Dogs
Quirkyalone - Not Dating For The Sake Of It
Why Do Hiccups Happen?
Zoophobia - Fear of Animals

Zeal NZ

#LiveForTomorrow was an event held by the NZ company Zeal over suicide prevention week in September. They have held this event for several years, now, and have always had incredible results. I was lucky enough to write an entry for their site at the launch of the project. And of course, I participated myself!
"11 Reasons To Do The #LiveForTomorrow Photo Challenge"