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Magazines, Journals, and websites

Listed below are the magazines and online journals in which my work has been featured. While I encourage everyone to have a read of all of the brilliant work within each issue, my stories are available for purchase individually as well.


Afterlife of Discarded Objects
June 2017 Featured Story 

A digital collective storytelling project that depends on public participation through sharing memories about playing with, collecting, preserving, or making art from what we might broadly label as trash, waste, or unwanted items.
June 2017 - She always had a good eye, and an open heart

Bonk! Magazine
2017 (coming soon)

A wonderful place of diversity, encouragement, talent, and excitement. A new publication I am incredibly happy to be featured in. 
2017 - An Ode To Paper Cranes

Crab Fat Magazine
October 2016 Issue

A brilliant magazine showcasing poetry, prose, and art of uniquely talented individuals. Issues are released monthly, absolutely free, on their website. Well worth a look, I am incredibly proud to be featured.
October 2016 - Lucky

Global Hobo

A site set on showing the world through the eyes of us hobos - those who travel with little, and seek to see much. I was lucky enough to be an intern for them in Bali from June to July in 2018, and this is what inspired my piece!
Where Air Is Water

Polychrome Ink
Issues 2, 3, 4 and 5

Polychrome Ink is perhaps one of my most loved publishers, and I hold their issues dear to my heart. Every single one is well thought out, beautifully printed, and gives an opportunity for many writers who would otherwise perhaps not find their work in print, to publish.
Purchase is available from their website, all linked below.
Stories of mine that you can find in the issues are:
Issue II - Lost & Found
Issue III - Usefulness
Issue IV - 23 Minutes 
Issue V - White Noise (to be released)

TQ Review
Issue 1

Another incredible publication showcasing voices of LGBTQ persons. They are a new publication, and I am incredibly proud to be part of their inaugural issue. Here's to many more! Purchase is available from their website, linked below.
Issue I - White Noise

March 3rd 2017

A collection of personal essays from trans-identifying individuals, showcasing the power technology had on them, their transition, their friends, and family, and support networks.
March 2017 - An Autobiography Of Translation
You can purchase it on Smashwords and Amazon.com