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Review by Staci R.

"Emotional. That’s Vel’s writing in a single word, but that really doesn’t do it justice. I’ve wept, I’ve grinned, and I’ve been so struck by the beauty of his prose that I’ve reread some pieces three or four times in a row. Each story I’ve had the pleasure of reading is built on a foundation of raw honesty; there’s pieces of him, and his experiences throughout everything he writes. Sometimes his writing is heartbreaking, sometimes it’s charming, but all the time it’s thought-provoking and achingly genuine.

A piece I really connected with was ‘Usefulness’ in issue three of Polychrome Ink. As someone who is part of the S&M subculture, it was a beautiful thing to read something that captured what I’ve felt by putting feelings similar to mine in the spotlight in a meaningful and respectful way. To be able to read about parts of oneself that are often considered taboo, in a story where said parts are accepted, encouraged, and even celebrated? What a lovely moment in time.

Every word of Vel’s should be read and hoarded and loved, I genuinely recommend it all.” - S. R.

Review by Steph L.

"Whether it is transformative works or original works, Vel’s voice and style come through loud and clear. The characters do not speak like robots or hooligans at a soccer meet. They speak like anyone you would chance on the street and could sit down to tea with to while away an afternoon. Or like someone you thought only lived in your nightmares.

The situations they find themselves in, even the more fantastical ones, still ring with a believable authenticity that leaves you hoping (or dreading) “could this happen to me?”.

You will be swept away. You will laugh and cry, rage and curse. You will feel.

And then you'll be eager to do it all over again." - S. A. L.

Review by Catherine W.

"One of my dearest friends and an author I admire in every respect, great integrity and indomitable talent. Vel's writings always have my heart at war between arousal, melancholy and pure rapture. Vel is also one of those rare, kind souls who if he sees another author struggling will do everything in her power to nudge them across that finish line. Competition has no place with him, just compassion." - C. W. (catherinewinther.com)