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The Intimacy of Tube Stations

Once you've carried your 30kg suitcase as well as two shoulder bags up and down the stairs of perhaps 5 or 6 different tube stations in one night - because some lines are "closed due to planned engineering work" - it's hard to fall asleep for some reason.

So, a quick update from me!

The book launch for the Back to School Anthology has been pushed back a week, so now I have TWO exciting anthologies coming out on the 19th of October! Stay tuned on here and on my Twitter and Facebook pages for more information. I will try my hardest to be at the book launch party this year, but with travel, it may prove a little difficult.

I am currently working on several articles for FactualFacts - all on phobias - that I hope to have up within the week, and I have sent a very important email to some very interesting people that I am anxiously awaiting the result of. I shall keep you posted on this particularly secret bit of information.

Three more days in London and then off home. This vacation has been eye-opening on so many levels, and I am so excited to get back to Auckland and push forward with a few projects that have been brewing throughout my time here!

- V

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