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A Novel Accepted For Publication

Over the weekend, I got some incredible news: a novel that one of my co-writers and I had written and been honing for editing and publication got accepted... and will be published!

I am still in awe, this is such a huge thing for the both of us. Not only because the story means so much, and took so much out of us, but also because this is a story we have wanted to have told, and read, by a lot of people. This is exciting and thrilling and absolutely terrifying, and we are both so excited to share the process as it goes along.

In the meantime, here's the synopsis for the story - we hope you find it as exciting as we do!

Set during the Lavender Scare of the early 1950’s, James and Kitty Alder have recently relocated to Washington, DC for James to accept a position teaching for the State Department. After too many drinks at his own housewarming party, James meets Henry, a doctor of Czech descent and his neighbor from across the street. The connection is immediate, and clumsily, James invites him to the garage, where they share a drunken kiss before parting ways with alarm.
What follows is a story that spans almost two decades, cataloging the secret relationship between the two men, how the affair impacts both of their marriages and their lives. James admits himself to a mental institution in an attempt to ‘cure’ himself and bring both of their lives back to how they were, after his estranged wife reveals that she is pregnant. Henry loses his job and his wife, because of his devotion to the man he loves.
Despite the setbacks and difficulties, both the two men, and their wives - whom we follow throughout the story as well, on their own personal journeys - find new lives for themselves, and discover that the impact of their relationship could be more far reaching than their own small circle, and could help many more people than it initially hurt.
The story comes to a close during the Stonewall Riots in 1969, with James’ daughter participating in an effort to get the story of her father and his partner to mean more than just articles in the paper. Henry and James continue to live happily together. Kitty finds her own happiness, while remaining close friends with the two of them.
This story, though itself fictional, intertwines through historical events, bringing a new light to a dark time in LGBT history.