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In Light of Recent Events

It's difficult for me to write this entry, only because I realize how it must come across when someone living on the other side of the world to the United States claims that the recent election directly has an impact on their life. I understand that it could come off as attention-seeking, or using a media storm to "jump on a bandwagon" so to speak.

And I suppose there is only so much I can say, and people will still believe what they will.

I feel scared, and worried, and upset in regards to the outcome of the election. I feel that some people, in the USA and outside of it, may be unaware of how just how far-reaching this result truly is.

There is now elected proof that being unqualified means nothing whatsoever, for the most important position in the country. There is now elected proof that being a misogynist, a racist, an idiot, a homophobe, an ignorant and loud moron is not only welcome but allowed and accepted. This reaches far farther than the United States, though currently that is where the storm begins.

There have been protests in other countries. There have been angry outbursts. There have been extremists. There has been danger, for anyone who is not just like Donald Trump.

Yes, even in New Zealand.

The world is changing, and it's frightening, and there is a charge in the air that feels like lightning above the ocean. Within hours of the results, people began to panic. Within hours of the results, people were giving up. Within hours of the results, one of my closest friends, and one of the bravest people I know, claimed that he would never leave the country that just drove itself into the earth, that he would stand and fight, because he had a lot of work to do.

After that, the tides turned with my circles of friends, in the USA and beyond. More and more of us decided to stay. More and more of us decided that this is the time for our words to change the world, because the end of an era is the best time for that to happen.

This is the time to write the words that you were always scared to say.

This is the time to make art that will make people cry and wonder.

This is the time to raise your voice, and strike your pose, and stand up and not back down.

I won't.

The bravest man I know won't.

And for anyone else who won't either, we stand with you, always. My words won't be quiet, they will be heard across the ocean and they will be heard by those who need to hear them, my friends and my allies and those who I haven't the honor yet to know, in the country that is trying to keep them quiet.

Velvl Ryder