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The Countdown To Christmas

Man, it has been quite a year! A lot has happened, to all of us; some good, some not so good, some unthinkable in the best or worst way possible. And yet, after all that, here we are.

We made it!

I just wanted to thank everyone who has supported me this year and last, as I've stepped into my own as a writer, both of fiction and non-fiction as a freelancer. It's meant the world to me, and I am proud to say I've grown with your help.

Next year I'm starting a new job in a place that makes a world of difference to a world of people. I know that that will inspire me more than ever to keep writing, and I hope to have more work for you to enjoy in 2017 than I have put out this year.

Lastly, I have another article up on FactualFacts! This one is on an interesting topic known as Quirkyalone, and I had some amazing and invaluable help from some friends in making sure that everyone was represented properly. You know who you are, thank you SO much!

All the best, stay well, stay sane, stay awesome, and I will write again in the new year!



Velvl Ryder