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London Calling - A Journey of Verbosity and Opinion

After sleepless days, four layovers and far too many children screaming on my flights, I arrived in London at the rather unholy hour of 6AM today.

Now, at 5 past midnight, I can't seem to get my brain to shut down. However, before I force myself into what will inevitably be welcome and quick-to-come dreamless oblivion, I had to comment on the strange juxtaposition of the transport system in the great city.

Namely: how things that appear to be far to walk to, are close, and how stations that appear close together are far apart.

I'm almost certain that the city lives in some sort of time warp, it feels as much in time as it does out of it. Perhaps if I ever watch Dr. Who a lot more things will make sense, who knows. All I know now, and all my exhausted mind can gather thusly, is that it takes hours to get to certain stations, not minutes, and that planning a journey in advance should be planned well in advance, for fear of missing one's plans due to the strangely elongated underground over a strangely shortened overground.

I need to reread Neverwhere, I think, a lot more makes sense suddenly.

Today I got to visit a literary hero of mine, Sherlock Holmes, and not only visit, but partake in a deductive hunt for over an hour in the Victorian streets at Madam Tussauds. Quite the challenge, and well worth braving the underground for the first time for - thankfully having the paranoid habits that I picked up from certain people to be everywhere not only early, but early for the early time initially planned for oneself.

I highly recommend this be a habit people pick up if they ever end up in this extraordinary city.

Tomorrow I will be up bright and early to head in to King's Cross and see the beauty of the station before it fills up with people (thankfully, though transport doesn't run late here, as it doesn't in NZ, it runs incredibly early), and then I am off to Bristol for a day of adventure!

More as it happens, feel free to leave comments, make suggestions, and tell me about the places you've visited in the UK (or would like to visit) so I can see if I can squeeze them into my itinerary!

Stay awesome,