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With a SCREAM, not with a whimper.

Got some not-so-great news this morning; no writer wants to hear that a publisher they're with has suddenly found themselves in difficult times. And being the person I am, with the issues I have, I found myself frightfully angry at everything in the world but the publisher.

Damn this industry!

Damn this situation!

Damn people who have it easy while the rest of us struggle!

This lasted perhaps twenty minutes before I picked myself back up, and retaliated to the situation the best way I knew how: by working hard on a project I currently have in the works.

For some reason, the more I've grown in this industry, and as a writer in general, the more I've found that the best way to retaliate against perceived in justices is by working harder. Sure, I was still mad as all heck that something I had worked hard for fell through, but I was better off than people who had submitted entire manuscripts, or those who worked as editors there. Sure, I was still upset that more and more LGBT publications have gone under this year alone, but it's a supply demand scenario, isn't it? So I would provide the supply for those who I knew had demand.

I managed to finish the story, today. One I am very proud of, and one that I will preview over on my Patreon in just a moment - feel free to go over and have a look - any pledge over $2 lets you see exclusive previews and every dollar counts.

So in the end I did scream, I always do - it's just how I'm wired. But I didn't go down without a fight.

And neither should you.

Stay rad, everybody!

- V