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Aiming for the Hundred

I've hit a slump early this year - it's only January 3rd. 

It's not unusual for impostor syndrome to hit hard this early on; the start of the year always feels like an entirely insurmountable challenge to overcome. You know nothing of what lies ahead, you have no idea if anything good or bad will come of your work, if your work will matter... I could go on and on. In truth, it's far from a pleasant experience.

In such situations I try to distract myself; find something that I can focus on outside of not-yet-occurred failures.

This year, inspired by this wonderful post, I am aiming to get 100 rejections on my work.

That's right, rejections.

I wrote a post, a good while back, now, when I launched this site, about the beauty of a rejection journal and why keeping one is so significant to me. This is a similar approach, the idea that if you are getting rejected so many times, you are clearly sending in enough work to be seen. 100 rejections? That's at least 100 stories sent in to BE rejected, and that doesn't count the ones that didn't get rejected, the ones that got accepted or are still on a list to be seen.

100 stories in a year... that's 9 a month, that's an incredible goal to aim at.

And, if you aim to be rejected and get rejected, your psyche doesn't immediately assume it's a failing. Why would it? You set out to achieve something, and you achieved it. Is your story published? No, but was your goal this year to get published? No...

It's an interesting reverse psychology game that I am rather excited to partake in.

So, as of this moment, I have a single tick against my hundred, one story rejected so far this year. Let's see how I average per month and what I can say about myself as I go.

Onwards to greater things!

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