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How is it already DECEMBER??

I'm not sure about you guys, but for me the first half of the year tends to drag, and the latter half flies by. Already it's December, and people are putting up Christmas decorations; most retail places have been torturing their workers with carols for at least a month, and slowly but surely it's dawning on me that we are nearly at the end of 2017.

So much has happened this year, and I can only hope that more exciting things are in the future once 2018 rolls around. But I'm also worried, as I think a lot of people are, who don't want to admit it, that next year will be worse than this year. That next year you will have less successes and do fewer things.

In the last few months especially I've been wondering just how quickly life can turn around and change, and push everything you ever knew out from under your feet and leave you with a choice to float or fall.

It's scary.

Change is scary.

But through the fear, I would like to look back on all the successes I have had this year - with your help, most of them! - and see just what the future might hold for 2018. I'm not one for mindfulness and gratitude journals; they just don't work for me. But sometimes it's really important to understand that you have had successes, even if they don't feel like successes to you. Seeing it written down really grounds it and reminds you that you did - and can do - so much more than you think.

So here are my 5 successes for 2017:

1. I got my novel published. After months and months of writing it and months more of editing, the novel is available in paperback and e-formats.

2. I've gotten beautiful reviews on the novel. Of the 12 reviews on Goodreads, all have been four or five star reviews, and I could not be more humbled and honored.

3. I've published 14 short stories and articles. That's amazing for one year!

4. I've accumulated 38 rejections out of the 100 I was aiming for. I'll write a more in-depth blog post about this later this month, but it's a lot harder to get 100 than you might think!

5. I got to participate in Eroticon in London, and spend my birthday there. And I got to participate in the amazing Cabins retreat and spend my summer on a lake in Connecticut.

Not a bad handful of things to be proud of, no?

Tell me about the things you're proud of having achieved this year. Nothing is too small. Nothing is insignificant. Remind yourself how awesome you are!

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