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#Trans Blog Hop

I've mentioned this anthology in an entry before, and as I am incredibly proud to be part of this, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to participate in the blog hop to go with it.

I think technology is far from the brain-melting thing some people attempt to make it out to be. Certainly, some people use it more than others would like; they keep their eyes glued to the screen when they are sitting at the dining room table, they check their emails more often than their call log... but what a lot of people don't realize, is the reason behind this use of technology as a shield.

I remember, during a particularly difficult time in my life, being forced by people who thought they were doing what was best for me, to give up this shield, to set it aside and talk to them instead. To be present. To be social. What they took away from me was my ability to be myself. Because with these people I could not identify as I wanted to identify, I didn't feel safe coming out to them yet, I didn't feel safe knowing that they could tell someone even if I told them in confidence.

Interestingly, of those four people, I only have kept one in my life after that incident. Amusingly, he, too, had a shield, but it was a different one to the one I was using.

Technology for several generations is restrictive. It feels too difficult to master, too difficult to keep straight. They don't understand the necessity of putting up information about your every passing thought and whim, they find it irritating when we post photos of ourselves, and document things on camera instead of "just living in the moment". But technology for some of us was a way to escape, and a way to become who we truly were. Technology was about looking at photos we took and seeing our true self through beyond what others would see. Technology was about recording our lives because we weren't present in the moment, mentally, to enjoy it then. Technology was being able to use our chosen pronouns, being able to make friends with those who understood how difficult it was to wake up in a body that didn't feel like your own, being able to connect, on some level, with someone, even if they were miles and miles away.

This is the magic that this anthology captures. That connection. That desperate reach and the hand on the other side of the screen that held us through the toughest times.

#Trans is a collection of works by people who have come out, and those who want to, those who understand that a shield is the most powerful weapon, and who want to teach that to others.

#Trans can be found on Smashwords and Amazon, and is edited by one of the most incredible people I know, Eve Deshane, and you really should take a look at it.

You should also give a read to all the amazing blog hop entries before mine, and the one that will come after, following the schedule below, and give all the writers your love.

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I cannot WAIT to share this with you!


Velvl Ryder