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#Eroticon 2017: Day 1

Hellooooo London!

I was lucky enough to be granted access to both days of this amazing convention, so I found myself losing myself in London early this morning in an attempt to find Arlington House in Camden... when I was standing outside of Arlington House at St James.

Luckily I am one of those absolute welrdos who loves the tube and navigating it, so soon enough I was at the right place, with the right people, donning my black lanyard (take photos, I beg of you!) and grabbing this amazing goodie bag:

 Mugs! THEY GAVE ME MUGS! (among other brilliant things)

Mugs! THEY GAVE ME MUGS! (among other brilliant things)

 The flower tie, today.

The flower tie, today.

From the off, the talks were amazing. I already feel panicky at the thought of speaking in 14 hours, because I have some seriously brilliant presenters to match! I have this total fear that no one will show up to my talk and I will awkwardly be twiddling my thumbs at the front of the room for an hour.

Who knows. I might be?

That said, even if something so frightening could happen, I will still do my best to film the talk to post on here and my writing Facebook page later. Might be tricky with certain people and privacy, but I will do my very best. If nothing else, I will record audio on my phone.

To close off my day (since I made plans to see a show - La Ronde - before I knew I would get the chance to enjoy the Saturday events as well) I made a fantastic and cute little collar at one of the kinky toy workshops.

 Inside, outside, cobra knot...

Inside, outside, cobra knot...

I cannot wait to attend tomorrow! Brilliant people to see, more toys to make, my own speech to give... and possibly a reading? If my throat feels up for it?

As above, will keep you posted.

For those in London, I hope to see you tomorrow! For those not, I will keep you as updated as I possibly can on both my twitter accounts and my Instagram with what's going on. You can find links to both on my SOCIAL page.

Good night from the UK, and see y'all tomorrow!

Velvl Ryder