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Well... not quite yet.

I've been invited to be one of the eight people to attend the Cabins Retreat this year in Norfolk Connecticut, from August 10th through til the 14th!

It's ridiculous how excited and honored I am. I am the only one listed who is not from the States, and it will be such an incredible opportunity for me to make it somewhere so far for something so elite and exciting!

Unfortunately, because this is such short notice, I've had to set up a fundraising campaign to help me get the tickets to get there. They're just under $2,000 in my currency, which is a bit out of pocket for me right now. I would really appreciate any and all help, even just spreading the word. It would be absolutely invaluable to me!

I've also got some rewards set up to write stories for anyone who is interested in getting one, because I like to work for my keep.

Click the above!

I cannot wait to chronicle my journey there, and my time there with these other incredible people, and I know it will give me the most wonderful experience to take home with me and keep the inspiration flowing for months and months after!

Velvl Ryder