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Learn to Love The Bomb

...I really should watch Dr. Strangelove.

Til then, I have merely (and shamelessly) borrowed the title structure for a new article I have up on The Mighty, called How I Learned to Love Failure and Beat BPD at It's Own Game.

This is something I've covered on this blog before, and something I talk about often to people who ask me what I regularly do to keep on top of my emotions when it comes to writing: turning rejections into goals rather than failings.

Only this time, I've gone a little deeper, and made it a little more personal, by discussing how it relates to my borderline personality disorder. It's something that I never want to hide - I hate the stigma that surrounds mental health in our society - and I am proud to say that I have used some of the more annoying aspects of this affliction to my advantage.

I was also incredibly touched when the editor of the article contacted me to let me know that I had inspired him this morning. That is why I write. That is why I write anything. To just touch one person, any person, and make them feel less alone and give them courage to stand up to whatever demons stand before them.

I'm feeling great today!

Velvl Ryder