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Zine Set Giveaway

The ZineFest went off with a bang on Saturday morning here in Auckland city!


Dozens of stalls, stallholders, and hundreds of visitors - it was so much fun! I learned a lot talking to other stallholders, having fun with my table-mate (an amazing writer and zine-maker) and buying, swapping, and lending zines with other artists and writers. There was live poetry readings and good music, and all in all I would love to do this again!

While sales on the day were awesome, I still have some of my zines left over, and good to go to good homes!

Currently, I'm hosting a giveaway on Instagram, where you can win the entire set of signed, hand-stitched, stamped, and numbered zines, and I wanted to give people on my blog and email list a go at winning a set as well! While the Instagram giveaway ends on my birthday (March 6th), this one will run until March 13th - one more week!


All you need to do to enter, is sign up to my email list (if you haven't already), follow me on Facebook, and follow the artist on Instagram, and comment on the giveaway post there! Tag a friend who would be interested, and let me know which cover you like the best, of the three! Easy!

I'm so incredibly proud of these zines, and cannot begin to tell you how honored I am to have worked with Mel Paisley Walton on the collaboration with covers and stories.

Velvl Ryder