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Canggu, Here I Come

It's been a long while coming, and without the help of my friends I wouldn't be here right now, but I am at the airport waiting to fly out to Bali for a month. There, I'll embark on a travel writing adventure, attempt to learn Balinese, attempt to tame a scooter to my will, and possibly meet some elephants.

It's been such a long time since I've written that I feel as though I'm starting from scratch all over again. Many people have said that Bali has been a place for them to heal and rediscover who they are. I really hope that this trip - this journey - does that for me.

For many months, I felt as though I had no inner voice anymore. That little spark inside that helps narrate situations, design beautiful scenes, bring our imagination to the forefront of our mind and overlay it against reality - it was gone. It was silent and I felt completely alone. It's only recently that it's started to gently whisper to me again, and I feel like a kid rediscovering my own hands.

I'm very excited to see what a change of scenery, a change of culture, and a change of routine will do for me.

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Velvl Ryder